I'm crashing on injection

If you're crashing on injection, this could be due to one of the following reasons:

You're injecting into GTA:Online, or the loading screen. Your game isn't running in windowed borderless. North requires GTA to be running in either windowed or windowed borderless, otherwise you will continue to experience crash issues Your game isn't running on DirectX 11. North requires GTA to be running in DirectX 11, if you're not using DirectX 11, your game will crash upon injection. Your antivirus software is effecting injection. Make sure to disable your antivirus or exclude ALL north related files.

If you have any further issues with loading GTA-V, make sure you've disabled your antivirus software. If you are unable to solve your issue, open a ticket.

I'm getting error "LoadLibraryExW failed"

This error is commonly caused by a missing file. Navigate to C:/Users/Your Name/Documents/North/Grand Theft Auto V and make sure you have cheat file.

Another issue why this is caused is because the launcher is missing launcher.dll, make sure to check wherever you unpacked the zip folder that the launcher.dll file is there as well.

Note: Your antivirus software could've deleted both of these files, make sure to disable your antivirus or exclude these files.