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Our Referral System

  • Share your unique referral code undefined with your friends or trusted individuals. They can enter it at checkout for a permanent link to your account and a percentage of their transactions. This method requires manual interaction.

  • Add "?referralCode=undefined" to any store URL to link any new user's account to yours, without any interaction required other than clicking the link. This is ideal for sharing on social media or blog links.

    For example, to make a referral link for the Stand product, change "" to "". This method works for every URL on our website.

How much can you earn?

  • You will earn a percentage-based commission starting at 5% for each order placed through your referral. Your percentage will increase based on the value of each order. Check your current percentage and referral balance at the top of this page.

How to withdraw your referral balance?

  • Once your referral balance reaches £5, you can withdraw the entire balance. Contact us to initiate the process.