How do I load custom DLCs?

  1. Download a custom DLC from gta5-mods (look for add-on's).
  2. Extract the folder that includes dlc.rpf into C:\Users<name>\Lexis<game>\dlc\ (unlike OpenIV.asi, you don't need to create an \update\x64\ folder, simply place the folder inside of the Lexis dlc folder).
  3. Navigate to Miscellaneous -> Custom DLC, and your folder should appear.
  4. Load the DLC. For vehicles, you can spawn it from Spawner -> Vehicle -> Custom DLC Vehicles. For peds, you can spawn it from Spawner -> NPC -> Custom DLC Peds, or alternatively, Player -> Model Changer -> Custom DLC Peds

How do I load ScriptHookV mods?

Simply place the .asi inside C:\Users<name>\Lexis<game>\scripthook, and any additional files inside the GTAV directory (we currently don't support .NET mods).

Where is the Lexis folder?

You can find the Lexis folder at


Are there any public translations?

We have a list of AI generated translations available here.

Option states are being reapplied when I reload, how do I stop this?

Currently there's a primary config created by Lexis and saved every two minutes, which will reload any options states on next launch. To remove this, delete C:\Users<name>\Lexis<game>\configs\default.json.

How do I share DLCs with my friends like you did in the Lexis Release Trailer?

Follow the steps above to load a DLC, and simply press Share To Player inside the DLC option. This will only work if the target player is also using Lexis.