Redeem your license key

Redeem your license In the My Account section you will see the following information about your account:

The username of your account (required for the Popstar launcher). Your linked email address, on which you will receive password reset confirmations. Your linked Discord UID (only for legacy accounts). Your account token, which allows the staff to verify your ownership of a menu license. In the My Licenses section, you will see a breakdown of all the menu licenses that have been activated on your account, along with their status.

When you get a license code from your seller, click on the Redeem A Code button and type the code, then click on the icon to activate it. Once active, you can download the menu by either clicking the red button next to the license, or going to the Download dropdown menu at the top.

At this point, you are ready to install the menu and get it running.

Issues during setup

Make sure that your Windows 10 (or Windows 11) installation is official. 2Take1 does NOT officially the following environments: Other versions of Windows (such as Windows 8). Custom Windows 10/11 builds that have been heavily tweaked or that lack core Windows services. Insider builds of Windows. Virtual machines or cloud computers. Make sure that GTA V is running in DirectX 11. Make sure that you have no graphical mods installed, such as ENBseries. Make sure that you are not running Lua scripts or other mod menus alongside 2Take1. Make sure that your antivirus or any real-time protection software (including Windows Defender) is not blocking anything. Make sure that your Windows user has Administrator privileges. Make sure that no overlays are enabled, including Discord, Steam, Xbox Game Bar or NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Make sure that you have all the required redistributables installed. Make sure that the 2Take1Menu files are not located in your Desktop or in a folder that syncs to a cloud service, such as OneDrive. Make sure that your Windows username does not contain special characters (such as letters with tildes or Russian/Chinese symbols). Make sure that your game installation is up to date and completely clean; otherwise, update your game and/or perform an integrity check. If you have changed the privileges for the GTA processes, restart your PC. Otherwise, it will not work properly. If you are using Rivatuner, make sure that the detection level is set to low or none. If these steps do not work, delete all the menu files (including the %appdata%\PopstarDevs folder) and re-download the menu.

If none of the above helps, your only option left is to reinstall Windows.

Launcher is crashing or connecting infinitely

pen a CMD console with admin privileges and run the following command:

net stop npf

Unknown error: deadbeef

The launcher is having issues to connect with the auth server. Make sure you are using the latest version of the menu and check your connection status.