GTA Online Money Guide: Making Profits with Stand Mod Menu

Published at 7/11/2023


In GTA Online, acquiring money is crucial for progressing and enjoying the game to its fullest. This comprehensive guide will explore various money-making methods using the Stand mod menu. However, it's essential to exercise caution and avoid excessive earnings to stay under Rockstar Games' radar and ensure a safe gaming experience.

Rig Slot Machines - Play it Smart, Not Greedy Rigging slot machines is a tempting way to amass wealth quickly. Stand allows you to exploit the luck aspect of slot machines to earn GTA$ 50,000,000 per 24 hours. While Rockstar may find it challenging to patch this method, they actively monitor and ban accounts with anti-cheat flags. To avoid any issues, refrain from using this method if you have or had other mod menus on your account. After each win, lose a few times to maintain access to the slot machines without interruptions.

Sell Gifted Vehicles - A Lucrative Asset Stand's "Gift Spawned Vehicle" feature lets you obtain desirable vehicles with ease. While it might be tempting to sell these gifted assets for quick cash, be mindful of staying within safe limits:

Limit sales to a maximum of 2 per 2 real-world hours. Do not exceed 7 sales per 30 real-world hours. This way, you can avoid raising suspicion and minimize the risk of being flagged by Rockstar's anti-cheat measures.

Cayo Perico Heist - A Well-Orchestrated Plan Thanks to Stand's "Quick Progress" options, setting up the Cayo Perico Heist becomes a breeze. Whether using advanced movement options or teleportation, completing the heist becomes a smooth experience. However, be aware of Rockstar's limit, which prevents you from earning more than $2,550,000 per run or exceeding $4,100,000 per hour from this particular heist.

Lua Scripts - Safe and Reliable Money-Making In Stand's Repository, you can find Heist Control and MusinessBanager scripts, which offer legitimate ways to earn money more efficiently. These scripts have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Avoid using random Lua scripts promising quick money, as they are likely to utilize detected money-making methods and put your account at risk of getting banned.


Utilizing Stand mod menu wisely can significantly improve your financial standing in GTA Online. However, always remember to stay within reasonable earning limits to avoid attracting unwanted attention from Rockstar Games' anti-cheat systems. Experiment with the methods provided in this guide and have fun while responsibly enhancing your in-game wealth. Happy gaming!