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Key Features

-Top tier protections
-Effective removals
-Unblockable kick
-Custom themes
-Co loading




Stand is the new top-tier menu. Stand does not hold back when it comes to protections, unblockable unique kicks, new features, and frequent updates.

Additional information


Basic, Regular, Ultimate, Ultimate, Basic to Regular Upgrade key, Regular to Ultimate upgrade key

8 reviews for Stand

  1. Tnobb (verified owner)

    Great Reseller! 10/10

  2. Renato (verified owner)

    Not bad

  3. MiInternFTL (verified owner)

    Sanain Godess I’ve bought this menu 3 times

  4. Peter Rigo (verified owner)

    +rep legit & instant

  5. Joseph Mee (verified owner)

    +rep legit & instant

  6. IchMagKetchup (verified owner)

    Great Menu. Still using this Mod for nearly 1,5y on one single account and not bannend.

  7. Elementaliz (verified owner)

    i had some problems with the upgrade key but the support helped me to fix it in no time.

  8. Marko Markelic (verified owner)

    Good Menu good service got the key instantly
    no scam

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